alto - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of alto in Hindi

  • ऑल्टो
  • गायन में सब से ऊंचा अलाप
  • उदात्त पुरुष-ध्वनि

alto Definition

  • a voice, instrument, or part below the highest range and above tenor, in particular. ( एक आवाज, उपकरण, या उच्चतम सीमा से नीचे का हिस्सा और विशेष रूप से टेनर के ऊपर। )

alto Example

  • The older is a soprano but people tend to make her sing alto . ( वृद्ध एक सोप्रानो है, लेकिन लोग उसे गाना गाते हैं। ) 
  • This order has been converted to the modern score order of soprano, alto , tenor, bass in the music examples below. ( इस आदेश को नीचे दिए गए संगीत उदाहरणों में सोप्रानो, अल्टो, टेनोर, बास के आधुनिक स्कोर क्रम में बदल दिया गया है। )
  • The music was fun and in that situation I liked singing soprano better than singing alto , although I do love the inner harmonies, too. ( संगीत मजेदार था और उस स्थिति में मुझे ऑल्टो गायन से बेहतर सोप्रानो गाना पसंद था, हालांकि मुझे आंतरिक सामंजस्य भी पसंद है। )
  • I put it in the bank until I saved up another £210 and bought a lovely alto saxophone. ( मैंने इसे तब तक बैंक में रखा जब तक कि मैंने एक और £ 210 बचा लिया और एक प्यारा सा सैक्सोफोन खरीद लिया। )

More Sentence

  • alto flute
  • Having listened to a cassette of their music, Simon was captivated by the stirring sound of bass, alto and tenor harmonies.
  • On the positive side, there is Shore's scrupulous instrumental characterisation, with a troubling French horn and a pure alto flute representing the moral struggle within the mysterious main character.
  • This she held out before her now with both hands as one does with an offering and, after another silent pause, she began to sing in a clear alto , the song of her own making, which Forest around seemed to understand, listening intently.
  • The bass flute has an especially prominent part, and the composer suggests that alto and bass players may exchange parts between movements to rest the arms and the embouchure.
  • His alto saxophone exerted a powerful influence on early free jazz in Britain, if not across Europe.
  • The cor anglais and violin obbligato in the duet for male alto and tenor, Wie selig, with its thirds and lyrical highlights was particularly effective.
  • I headed to the end of the hall, where all the saxophones had congregated, and saw three out of the four different types of saxophones; the baritone, tenor and alto .
  • Her voice trembled, rising from her normal alto to a shivery soprano.
  • Alex, who had yet to notice her presence, shot his head up quickly when he heard the soft alto entering into the music.
  • This time she changed her voice into a deep alto .
  • The three smaller works are a duo for cello and piano, Six Days in Jericho, a duo for alto flute and piano, Spilliaert's Beach, and a piano solo, A Haunted Heart.
  • Nothing so simple for the oboes as piccolo, soprano, alto , tenor or bass.
  • He was primarily self-taught beginning on trumpet before switching to alto sax.
  • The first movement, an aria for soprano and alto soloists, has a gorgeous instrumental ritornello that introduces the contrapuntal solo parts.
  • Linwood sings male alto as well as soprano but he also has an additional, very attractive qualification: a Masters degree in Romance Languages and Linguistics from Harvard University.
  • Usually there were four professional singers filling out the solo roles with amateur choirs singing choruses and kids from Boys Grammar doing some male alto singing.
  • All the pieces I receive are put onto our waiting lists for performances, and we have an open call for scores for any chamber works using the alto or bass flute.
  • In the latter part of the 20th century the male alto voice became closely associated with the revival of Baroque opera, especially the works of Handel.
  • Ornette also tries his hand at several other instruments besides alto .
  • Conveniently, there were four of us, suitably arranged into soprano, alto , tenor, and bass.
  • The opposing sides in this duologue are represented by two female soprano voices portraying Beauty and Pleasure, and by two male altos , probably super - rather than sub-human castrati, who signify Time and Disillusion.