alcove - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of alcove in Hindi

  • घिरौची
  • कुन्ज
  • कुटी
  • गुफा
  • घिरौची
  • मेहराबदार ताखा

alcove Definition

  • a recess, typically in the wall of a room or of a garden. ( एक अवकाश, आमतौर पर कमरे की दीवार या बगीचे की दीवार में। )

alcove Example

  • Looking around the room again, he discovered an alcove in the wall next to the table. ( कमरे के चारों ओर फिर से देखते हुए, उसने मेज के बगल की दीवार में एक एलकोव की खोज की। )
  • They headed to the control room, a small alcove in the wall with a window cut out of it to see the entire hangar. ( वे नियंत्रण कक्ष की ओर बढ़े, दीवार में एक छोटा सा कोना जिसमें से एक खिड़की का काटा गया था और पूरे हैंगर को देखा। )
  • She sleeps in the alcove of an old wall that once formed the perimeter of a Maharaja's palace. ( वह एक पुरानी दीवार के एक कोने में सोता है जो एक बार महाराजा के महल की परिधि का निर्माण करती है। )
  • There were also many alcoves built into the wall on top of one another. ( वहाँ भी कई एक दूसरे के ऊपर दीवार में निर्मित alcoves थे। )

More Sentence

  • They were headed farther down, several levels below the room they'd been in the day before, hoping to find more than empty rooms and bare alcoves .
  • Happell translated this brief into a curvy front counter with bright lights, white walls and little yellow-tiled alcoves , dominated by a large deep red menu board.
  • The room's alcoves ensure that plenty of storage units could be installed without creating a cramped feeling.
  • Brick alcoves in the walls are set off with ornamental urns with pot plants.
  • In the alcoves and rooms once assumed empty, rows and columns blinked their patient attention.
  • The muted lighting seeping from recessed light fixtures in alcoves along the wall cast many a shadow throughout the room.
  • Elegantly erotic statues stood once more in alcoves around the room, and the massive murals were nearly finished.
  • The interior was pleasant and interesting: an historic village inn which had been well refurbished, with beams exposed on the ceiling, an open fire and lots of little rooms and alcoves .
  • Recessed, arched alcoves terminating in solid plank wooden doors were placed about every 10 paces on alternate sides of the corridor.
  • This is a tranquil lofty space, white-painted, lined down each wall with illuminated rendered alcoves and upholstered benches.
  • Each wall was aligned with alcoves that curved around statues.
  • Liz continued backwards into one of the alcoves and struck the wall below one of the windows.
  • Large social gatherings usually take place in a special room with two alcoves built into a wall.
  • I remember the alcoves round the walls, with glass chandeliers, like water fountains.
  • Caregiver stations between patient rooms are ergonomically measured, adjustable stands built into wall alcoves .
  • They emerged into a large natural cavern that had been modified by adding cells and alcoves around the wall.