aircrew - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of aircrew in Hindi

  • हवाई कर्मी
  • एयर क्रु
  • हवाई कर्मचारी

aircrew Definition

  • the crew staffing an aircraft. ( विमान में सवार कर्मचारी। )

aircrew Example

  • Such is life for an aircrew on the road: long hours in the air accented by short periods of sweat-through-your-flightsuit work. (  सड़क पर एक एयरक्रू के लिए ऐसा जीवन है: हवा में लंबे समय तक पसीने के माध्यम से थोड़ी-थोड़ी मात्रा में फ्लाइट-थ्रू-फ्लाइट के काम से। )
  • However, as a result of a massive rescue operation only 16 pilots and 33 aircrew remained missing by first light on June 20th. ( हालांकि, एक बड़े पैमाने पर बचाव अभियान के परिणामस्वरूप केवल 16 पायलट और 33 एयरक्रू 20 जून को पहली रोशनी से गायब रहे। )
  • I forgot about the aircrew in back and what they were doing. ( मैं पीछे के एयरक्रूज़ के बारे में भूल गया और वे क्या कर रहे थे। )
  • Non-flying aircrew and engineers were able to watch the action from a nearby hillside, which only served to increase the concentration of the flying pilots. ( गैर-उड़ान वाले एयरक्रूज़ और इंजीनियर पास की पहाड़ी से कार्रवाई को देखने में सक्षम थे, जो केवल उड़ान पायलटों की एकाग्रता को बढ़ाने के लिए कार्य करता था। )

More Sentence

  • Professionally, I think our juniors see it as a measure of expertise, while for some aircrew it is a security factor.
  • We lifted the surveillance level of aircrew and passengers from 80 percent, in the previous Government, to 100 percent.
  • A quick call over our squadron common frequency let our wingman know he had the mission, and the aircrew in the turning backup would be his wingman.
  • Hours later, the safety officer showed all the aircrew the aspirin bottle and the pictures.
  • Many WWII aircrew survived combat, only to lose their lives over friendly soil.
  • With the exception of Lieutenant Alun Jones, 28 of the aircrew and passengers were provided with individual headstones at the time.
  • RAAF aircrew and medics in the Middle East Area of Operations are providing mercy flights to coalition troops injured in Iraq.
  • However, with five competent aircrew in the plane, rank should not have been an issue.
  • They had no perceptible impact on German opinion, though the leaflet raids gave aircrew some essential training in night navigation.
  • they were a young and inexperienced aircrew
  • The departure of these squadrons brings the number of servicemen and women, aircrew and engineers deployed so far from the Cornish air station to more than 150.
  • each aircraft carried three aircrew
  • On the line, Baldwin munched on a treat dropped off by an aircrew -- a ripe banana.
  • In terms of job descriptions which might be affected by the drugs, the document says they are not to be prescribed for aircrew or divers who are on active flying or diving status.
  • Waiting for clearance to take-off, aircrew and passengers alike sweat profusely.
  • As the plane pulled into the terminal, the aircrew allowed passengers to use their wireless phones.
  • Naval air squadrons were short of aircrew and maintainers and were still using up stocks of obsolete wartime aircraft as production of new types moved slowly.
  • The Fleet Aviation Officer, CMDR Andrew Whittaker looked after contacting pilots, aircrew and maintainers.
  • The tanker requirements study justified the current tanker force structure and identified significant shortfalls in both aircraft and aircrews .
  • But, that was the last thing on the minds of aircrews .
  • Scattered around the airfield are the remains of many Allied and Japanese aircraft, whose aircrews made the ultimate sacrifice for their countries.
  • With most aircrews traversing hot, desert-like climates, it's easy to assume an arctic survival situation is not in the cards.
  • There was a potentially serious risk to aircraft, aircrews and air operations from possible collisions, as well as impact on the operational effectiveness of the base.
  • Although a peaceful mission, it required aircrews to travel vast distances, so the need to have rescue crews on hand was still required.
  • The aircrews averaged about 1,000 flying hours in that time.
  • In the most basic sense, aircrews want mission-ready aircraft to fly and modern, new weapons to play with.