adamant - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of adamant in Hindi

  • अटल
  • कठोर पदार्थ
  • कठोर
  • दृढ़
  • वज्रसार
  • सख्त
  • वज्रकठोर
  • हठी

adamant Definition


  • refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind. ( मना करने या किसी का मन बदलने से इनकार करना। )


  • a legendary rock or mineral to which many, often contradictory, properties were attributed, formerly associated with diamond or lodestone. ( एक पौराणिक चट्टान या खनिज, जिसके लिए कई, अक्सर विरोधाभासी, गुणों को जिम्मेदार ठहराया जाता था, पूर्व में हीरे या लॉस्टस्टोन के साथ जुड़ा हुआ था। )

adamant Example

  • The calls stopped abruptly that weekend, but Frisk is adamant that his decision is final. ( उस सप्ताह के अंत में कॉल अचानक बंद हो गए, लेकिन फ्रिस्क मान रहा है कि उसका निर्णय अंतिम है। )
  • But the peace protesters were adamant that civil disobedience was the only course of action left to them. ( लेकिन शांति प्रदर्शनकारी इस बात पर अड़े थे कि सविनय अवज्ञा उनके लिए एकमात्र कार्रवाई का काम था। )
  • Andrew was adamant that his son would not suffer the horrors he had.( एंड्रयू इस बात पर अड़े थे कि उनके बेटे को उन भयावहताओं का शिकार नहीं होना पड़ेगा। )
  • Findlay is no less adamant when it comes to future funding for the company. ( कंपनी के लिए भविष्य के वित्त पोषण की बात आती है तो फाइंडले कोई कम अडिग नहीं है। )

More Sentence

  • When I started this site, I was adamant that no personal details of my life would find their way on to these pages.
  • They were adamant that they would not allow the council to carry out work on the house nor the family to take up residence.
  • Sampson is adamant in her belief that language requirements for admission should be stricter.
  • She's adamant that she'll begin an indefinite hunger strike once she reaches jail.
  • However, Maria is adamant that gender has never been an issue in her career.
  • Many of them, I am afraid, are simply adamant in their views and are not interested in the evidence.
  • At the time, they were adamant that women were queuing up for copies.
  • As for the magical metal, asiceton, it sounds like adamant .
  • The port authority has been adamant that a split train unloading system was not an option.
  • The mast has been shown to adhere to safe radiation levels but Ryan is adamant that it gives him headaches and dizzy spells
  • We tried to persuade them to let us show the film at Edinburgh, but Venice's new director was adamant that we couldn't.
  • However, the spokesman was adamant that the nursery had not been forced out of the church hall by rent increases.
  • But he is adamant that there is not a word of truth in any of these stories, and that, for the time being at least, he is here to stay.
  • The biotech companies remain adamant that they will not foot the bill, and that it is a matter for insurance by farmers.
  • The group is adamant that these protests will continue until the club is closed.
  • He is adamant that he will never marry again and guards his new-found freedom fiercely.
  • College authorities are adamant that the issue has been dealt with.
  • His entire statement had been quietly but firmly said in a state of shame and sadness, but this last line was full of adamancy .
  • He adamantly insisted that the devastation was not man-made and casually evaded and diluted the real issues.
  • And he believes adamantly that options should be expensed in financial statements.
  • They were somewhat opposed to Mr. Clay's adamancy that they must go ahead with the withdrawal.
  • The adamance of Aishwarya Rai and the commitment of Ajay Devgan to return her to love make some classy sequences in the second half.
  • This administration has refused adamantly and consistently to enforce our trade laws and treaties.
  • The rigidity and adamancy to continue with the strike action until management appears to capitulate leads to a dead end.
  • He refused to let anyone adapt his novels for the screen; and I think his adamance at this made a lot of sense.
  • As my adamance waned, I began to notice more evidence that gender did seem to matter - at least some of the time.