accomplice - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of accomplice in Hindi

  • साथी
  • सह-अपराधी
  • सहकारी
  • अपराध का साथी

accomplice Definition

a person who helps another commit a crime. ( एक व्यक्ति जो दूसरे को अपराध करने में मदद करता है। )

accomplice Example

  • Is she an accomplice in the murder or did she not even know her parents had been shot? ( क्या वह हत्या में एक साथी है या उसे यह भी नहीं पता कि उसके माता-पिता को गोली लगी थी? )
  • Police said last night that the intruder may have been working with an accomplice who waited outside the flat. ( पुलिस ने कल रात कहा कि घुसपैठिया एक साथी के साथ काम कर रहा होगा जो फ्लैट के बाहर इंतजार कर रहा था। )

More Sentence

  • Essie Davis plays Mrs Lovett, friend to Sweeney Todd, who becomes his accomplice in crime.
  • The teenager was forced to hand over his phone to the first offender while his accomplice ripped a gold chain from his neck.
  • The accomplice of a gunman who shot a man dead in a pub may be in fear for his life, police said.
  • At the request of Mr Leesong trespass orders have been served on the assailant and her accomplice .
  • The car-jacker fled in the Honda Civic while an accomplice followed in the other car in the direction of Sutton.
  • One of the thugs sprinted up Hamilton Road while his accomplice made off along Grosvenor Road.
  • an accomplice in the murder
  • His manner belied the seriousness of the potential charges against him as an accomplice to murder.
  • The chase ended with a crash as the car carrying the gunman and his accomplice left the road.
  • The gunman took the rifle and together with a possible accomplice was able to get away.
  • The woman then reportedly got into a car with a gunman and drove away - suggesting she was an accomplice to the murder.
  • In a flash, instinct took over and he rushed outside to stop the thief and his accomplices in their tracks.
  • He went for help, using his stairlift to go downstairs, and unwittingly called on the help of the thief's two accomplices .
  • The gunman and his accomplices then got back in the vehicle and drove off down Milkstone Road.
  • They forget that keeping silent in the face of injustice makes them accomplices of the criminals.
  • I've profiled a lot of fugitives that have had female accomplices and accessories.
  • The police in Amsterdam were able to round up six of his alleged accomplices after the crime, and are seeking more.
  • Did the murderers have accomplices within the airport security systems?
  • Three accomplices escaped and police fear they may try the same scam again.