abseil - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abseil in Hindi

दोहरी रस्सी के सहारे उतरना

abseil Definition

to go down a steep cliff or rock while you are fastened to a rope, pushing against the rock with your feet (रस्सी से बांधकर और पैरों को चट्टान पर टिकाते हुए सीधी खड़ी चट्टान से नीचे उतरना)

abseil Example

  • The abseil is to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, which hopes to raise £15,000 for research into breast cancer.  (एब्सिल कैंसर रिसर्च यूके के लिए धन जुटाने के लिए है, जो स्तन कैंसर में अनुसंधान के लिए £ 15,000 जुटाने की उम्मीद करता है।)
  • I've taken lots of challenges during my radio life but have not done an abseil before. (मैंने अपने रेडियो जीवन के दौरान बहुत सारी चुनौतियाँ ली हैं, लेकिन इससे पहले मैंने कोई एब्सिल नहीं किया है।)

More Example

  • Other forthcoming events planned to raise cash for the appeal include a sponsored abseil on May 1 from the 100 ft high WH Smith building in Greenbridge.
  • abseil rope
  • For the daredevils out there, the charity is also organising a sponsored abseil , with the nearest taking place in Sheffield on the weekend of October 13-14.
  • The caving expedition commenced with an abseil into the Elder cave system then through a gap (the first of many) which looked barely big enough to fit through the battery pack for the head lamps, let alone a whole person.
  • a 120 ft abseil
  • We climbed back up the cliff face then strapped into our harnesses for the abseil .
  • Phase one began with a morning abseil down a 45m cylinder at Brisbane's Mount Crosby water treatment facility, followed by rafting in the afternoon.
  • team members had to abseil down sheer cliffs to reach the couple
  • The Trust, which supports children's healthcare across the North West, has raised more than £5 million since its creation and is hoping the abseil will become a major annual event.
  • He has since done a charity abseil down the side of Manchester City's Kippax Stand and tried hang-gliding, power-gliding, jet-skiing, fire-eating and a two-mile tandem sky drop.
  • I was sort of looking forward to the abseil , although I was dreading it a bit as well and was a bit scared.
  • The Jervis Bay area provided plenty of scope for rough paddling, crazy downhill mountain biking, challenging navigation and even an abseil with bikes!
  • She said after the abseil : ‘It was great going down because there were people waving to me at every window.’
  • The abseil was completed, but we suffered a 30-minute delay due to the abseiling staff pointing us in the wrong direction at the bottom.
  • She said: ‘It was a combination of believing in the cause and wanting to do something that made me have a go at the abseil .’
  • The trip was made possible after the group raised more than £18,000, with the help of local businesses, and their own initiatives, such as an abseil from the top of Horwich Fire Station.
  • Abseiling at the Europa: A number of locals took part in a sponsored abseil from the roof of the Europa Hotel, Belfast on Saturday last.
  • I am petrified of heights and last year did an abseil which I found really scary.
  • The instructor who assisted her on the way down said that she did a textbook abseil .
  • Some 28 anxious abseilers braved the morning's early cold and fog to trade their office desks, chairs and telephones for ropes, harnesses and the satisfaction of meeting a challenge.
  • The four month project involves 12 abseilers supplied by Web Access Engineering to carry out work up to 100 ft off the ground.
  • It was a refreshing change from the office and I tagged along as the team spent the next seven hours setting up anchor systems and despatching members off into pools of freezing water, with abseils ranging from seven to 65m.
  • I went down that chain like an experienced world champion abseiler .
  • Yesterday abseilers from Leeds Climbing Wall were lowered into the well at the tower - the last surviving part of York Castle - to collect coins thrown in by visitors.
  • Mrs Swift has completed eight parachute jumps and numerous abseils and did her last freefall in July at the age of 83.
  • The abseilers will descend the Walmesley Road side of the tower - but how far the drop is has yet to be revealed.