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Meaning of abroad in Hindi

विदेश में

abroad Definition


  • in or to a foreign country or countries. (या किसी विदेशी देश या देशों में।)
  • in different directions; over a wide area. (अलग-अलग दिशाओं में; एक विस्तृत क्षेत्र में।)


  • foreign countries considered collectively. (विदेशों को सामूहिक रूप से माना जाता है।)

abroad Example

  • I'm not agree with some Greek-Australians who say that the Greeks of abroad are different. (मैं कुछ यूनानी-आस्ट्रेलियाई लोगों से सहमत नहीं हूँ जो कहते हैं कि विदेशों के यूनानी अलग हैं।)
  • Anyone who begins to have recurring, shaking chills up to one year after returning home from abroad should seek professional medical care. (जो कोई भी आवर्ती शुरू होता है, विदेश से घर लौटने के एक साल बाद तक ठंड लगना, पेशेवर चिकित्सा देखभाल लेनी चाहिए।)

More Sentence

  • Simon, who is hoping to go abroad on a long holiday when it is all over, added: ‘Never fall out with your family, you never know when you might need them.’
  • This exhibition reflects scenes and inspiration from his travels at home and abroad .
  • He said: ‘I go abroad a few times a year to Spain and France and it comes in handy to have some Euros.’
  • Why do they think they are so much better than everyone else when they go abroad ?
  • They could only walk abroad in the streets if accompanied by a slave or other attendant.
  • news from abroad
  • If we can hire foreign coaches why can't we go abroad to gain more experience and improve our form?
  • Some wonder why, if the police knew of the businessman's illegal activities, he was abroad in the streets, in his luxury car or designer bar, rather than in jail.
  • Such flexibility is obviously one of the reasons it can compete so effectively against vigorous competition at home and abroad .
  • con artists abroad on the streets of the town
  • Food aid from abroad must now make up for these lost harvests.
  • Even the lovely ladies from abroad know the difference between Harrods and Aldi.
  • competition from companies at home and abroad
  • Some 680 companies from 20 countries and areas will showcase their products, with 340 companies from abroad .
  • Making something and swapping it for something from abroad is no different than making it directly.
  • few people ventured abroad from their warm houses
  • According to Kinley, ‘It's that Canadian insecurity - if you want something good, you go abroad for it.’
  • That should lead to sharp reductions in market share and employment both at home and abroad , and a likely wave of foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies.
  • At the beginning of last year, the Government announced that it expected direct investment from abroad to reach two billion euro.
  • There were opportunities for considerable travel at home and abroad .
  • When traditional people speak of ‘spirits’ that are abroad , they tend to refer to presence such as the wind, or the creative force of a word.
  • When a nation faces deadly attacks on its citizens at home and abroad , it is only reasonable to expect that its leaders will take appropriate measures to increase security.
  • I can't go abroad or travel, or go out shopping or socialising.
  • Direct investment from abroad has also fallen.
  • there's a rumour abroad that ...
  • So the Lord scattered them abroad from that place upon the face of all the earth.
  • Their latest move was divulged yesterday at the same time as the National Farmers Union warned that bringing home food or plants from abroad could bring a serious risk of spreading disease.
  • Today, students applying to SFU from abroad face differential fees amounting to as much as three times the tuition paid by domestic students.