tenant - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of tenant in Hindi

  • टेंटेंट

tenant Definition


  • a person, business, group, etc., that pays to use another person's property : someone who rents or leases a house, apartment, etc., from a landlord

tenant Example

  • If the tenant paid his rent, the landlord could not forbid subletting. ( यदि किरायेदार ने अपना किराया चुकाया, तो मकान मालिक सबलेटिंग से मना नहीं कर सकता था। )
  • Someone else was asking about her favorite tenant, Mr. Cleary. ( कोई और उसके पसंदीदा किराएदार मिस्टर क्ली के बारे में पूछ रहा था। )
  • Land was leased for houses or other buildings to be built upon it, the tenant being rent-free for eight or ten years; after which the building came into the landlord's possession. ( मकानों या अन्य भवनों के निर्माण के लिए भूमि पट्टे पर दी गई थी, किरायेदार को आठ या दस साल के लिए किराया मुक्त किया जा रहा था; जिसके बाद इमारत जमींदार के कब्जे में आ गई। )
  • Improvement contracts are granted for uncultivated bush districts, where one fourth of the produce goes to the landlord, and for plantations of fig-trees, olive-trees and vines, half of the produce of which belongs to the landlord, who at the end of ten years reimburses the tenant for a part of the improvements effected. ( बिना खेती वाले झाड़ी वाले जिलों के लिए सुधार ठेके दिए जाते हैं, जहां उपज का एक चौथाई हिस्सा जमींदार को जाता है, और अंजीर के पेड़, जैतून के पेड़ और लताओं के बागानों के लिए, जिनमें से आधी उपज जमींदार की होती है, जो अंत में दस साल किरायेदार को प्रभावित सुधारों के एक हिस्से के लिए प्रतिपूर्ति करता है। )

More Sentence

  • The contract generally' specified that the house was in good repair, and the tenant was bound to keep it so.
  • Berkeley had already given a surname to an earlier family sprung from Roger, its Domesday tenant, whose descendants, seem to have been ousted by the partisan of the Angevin.
  • His father, Vincenzo, a tenant farmer on a large scale at La Manziana, had taken part in the defence of the Roman Republic under Garibaldi in 1849, was exiled by Pius IX., and reentered Rome in 1870 through the breach of Porta Pia.
  • One of the tenants in the area.
  • The Pearces are tenants of ours.
  • They are called steel-bow tenants.
  • Saloons are always good tenants.
  • David`s screams were heard by other tenants.
  • All the tenants, past and present, attended.
  • They were no longer tenants, but landowners.
  • Looks like the last tenants left months ago.
  • Service ,hope ,love is the few tenants of us.
  • Established house share tenants however are.
  • There were no tenants in any of the apartments.
  • Besides rent, many of the tenants were required to render certain services to the proprietor, and in case a tenant sold his interest in a farm to another he was required to pay the proprietor one-tenth to one-third of the amount received as an alienation fine.
  • It is now established that he was a tenant of Peterborough Abbey, from which he held lands at Witham-on-the-Hill and Barholme with Stow in the south-western corner of Lincolnshire, and of Crowland Abbey at Rippingale in the neighbouring fenland.
  • Evelyn's house at Sayes Court had been let to Captain, afterwards Admiral John Benbow, who was not a "polite" tenant.