reservoir - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of reservoir in Hindi

  • जलाशय
  • कंड
  • कोश
  • संग्रह
  • तालाब
  • कुण्ड
  • हौज

reservoir Definition


  • a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply.

reservoir Example

  • tapping into a universal reservoir of information ( सूचना के सार्वभौमिक भंडार में दोहन )
  • Due to the drought, the reservoir was almost bone dry.  ( सूखे के कारण जलाशय लगभग सूख चुका था। ) 
  • Because we wanted a waterfront view, our house backs up to a reservoir.   ( क्योंकि हम एक वाटरफ़्रंट दृश्य चाहते थे, हमारा घर एक जलाशय तक वापस आ गया। )
  • But what will people actually call the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir? ( लेकिन लोग वास्तव में जैकलीन केनेडी ओनासिस जलाशय को क्या कहेंगे? )
  • But he retains a reservoir of support, particularly among blacks. ( लेकिन उनके पास समर्थन का भंडार है, खासकर अश्वेतों के बीच। ) 

More Sentence

  • Nevertheless, the AKC book is a reservoir of common sense.
  • That reservoir of goodwill took more than 30 years to build.
  • The crown jewel is, of course, the Quabbin Reservoir.
  • This may have been an outlet by which the water was discharged when the reservoir was cleaned out.
  • In the centre of the floor is a hole connected with a reservoir of water below.
  • In large measure they form the reservoir from which the predatory classes are recruited.
  • A population of independent yeomen is the best reservoir of the manhood of any country.
  • This was collected in the reservoir provided with a rubber tube having a nozzle at the end.
  • The cavern was oval in shape, and had probably once been an underground reservoir for water.
  • The shallow, brimming reservoir of his nature was of the kind that spills over at a splash.
  • They cut the reservoir that supplied the city with fresh water, the great lake being salt.
  • For a large main, it may be a brick reservoir with a capacity of 2 or 3 cubic feet.
  • The park was called Reservoir Square until 1884, when the name was changed to Bryant Park.
  • Within an hour the reservoir was again in position, and there was no delay in again mounting into the air.
  • This reservoir serves the purpose of retaining the moisture with which the air from the mouth is charged.
  • Howling gales that blew his boat off the Fort Peck Reservoir.
  • The Hudson River and the region's reservoirs need rain.
  • The Great Lakes, meanwhile, still harbor reservoirs of warmth.
  • Hopefully, the documentarians'reservoir of energy is not exhausted.
  • Squaw Creek Reservoir might win a warm place in your heart.
  • It's difficult to see reservoir in a sentence .
  • With his reservoir of goodwill, he just might do it.
  • The fire department was rehearsing a water rescue drill at the reservoir.  
  • Our community reservoir allows catch and release fishing.  
  • We took our paddleboat out on the reservoir.