legendary - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of legendary in Hindi

  • प्रसिद्ध
  • काल्पनिक

legendary Definition

  • of, described in, or based on legends. ( में वर्णित है, या किंवदंतियों पर आधारित है। )
  • remarkable enough to be famous; very well known. ( उल्लेखनीय प्रसिद्ध होने के लिए पर्याप्त; बहुत अच्छे से ज्ञात। )

legendary Example

  • No name is more legendary , when it comes to modern furniture, than Eames. ( नाम की तुलना में कोई भी नाम अधिक प्रसिद्ध नहीं है, जब आधुनिक फर्नीचर की बात आती है। )
  • One of the earliest known portraits of the legendary freedom fighter William Wallace is to go on sale. ( महान स्वतंत्रता सेनानी विलियम वालेस के शुरुआती ज्ञात चित्रों में से एक बिक्री पर जाना है। )
  • His work has led to him appearing with legendary comic talents ranging from Norman Wisdom to Bruce Forsyth. ( उनके काम ने उन्हें नॉर्मन विजडम से लेकर ब्रूस फोर्सिथ तक की प्रसिद्ध कॉमिक प्रतिभाओं के साथ प्रदर्शित किया। )

More Sentence

  • I play lead guitar for legendary heavy metal German rockers The Scorpions.
  • A play celebrating the rise and fall of the legendary Wigan Casino is coming to Lowton.
  • It ends with the legendary King Arthur, a Celtic hero adopted by the Anglo-Normans.
  • The statue was commissioned by Goodwood estate owner Lord March to honour the legendary fighter pilot.
  • They will do very well if they emulate the success of their legendary father.
  • Now a New Zealander has brought to light more revelations about the legendary love story.
  • He was a legendary record plugger in the U.K. who worked with us from the beginning of our career.
  • Philip L.Carret was a legendary investor and the founder of one of the first mutual funds.
  • One of the most popular themes is Manas, the legendary father and hero of the Kyrgyz people.
  • In the end, it hardly matched the legendary success of its earlier incarnations.
  • The guitarist he has the greatest admiration for is the legendary and late Frank Zappa.
  • He was a friend of the legendary photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Don McCullin.
  • Yet Streep matches her legendary leading men in her ability to immerse herself in a role and dedicate herself to her work.
  • Bhagiratha is the legendary king whose devotion made the Ganges consent to come down to the Earth.
  • The legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie was one of his first influences.
  • The Hollywood heavyweight is set to present a documentary about legendary film star James Dean..
  • These were the only honours bestowed on this legendary maestro during his lifetime.
  • The club's legendary leader, Jock Stein, had won only one Scottish Cup when he took the Celtic job.
  • Motorcycle great Barry Sheene will lead a parade of legendary riders in North Yorkshire this weekend.
  • Most people, it should be said, like to name their pets after mythological and legendary figures.
  • Her beauty and kindness were legendary in our small department and I adored her.
  • It's all a part of the legendary good time that the Edmonton festival is so well known for.
  • Crowds flock from far and wide to sample the club's legendary recitals.
  • For all his kindness, Ben was also legendarily a tough guy, and only a tough guy could have made his choices.
  • In a legendarily violent town of 3000 people, you quickly understand the rules of retribution and revenge.
  • Arden was the daughter of a legendarily hard-nosed music promoter, Don Arden, and she inherited more than a little of her father's business acumen for which she was given little credit.
  • Theresa Gattung legendarily insisted on wearing hers to university.