first cousin - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of first cousin in Hindi

  • चचेरा भाई
  • चचेरा बहिन
  • ममेरा भाई
  • फुफेरा भाई
  • फुफेरा बहिन
  • मौसेरा भाई
  • मौसेरा बहिन
  • ख़लेरा भाई
  • ख़लेरा बहिन

first cousin Definition


  • a child of one's uncle or aunt.

first cousin Example

  •  Equivocation is first cousin to a lie. ( इक्विवोकेशन झूठ का पहला चचेरा भाई है। )
  • He was first cousin to King Philip VI. ( वह राजा फिलिप VI के पहले चचेरे भाई थे। )
  • He’s my cousin’s son so he’s my first cousin once removed. ( वह मेरे चचेरे भाई का बेटा है इसलिए वह मेरा पहला चचेरा भाई है जिसे एक बार हटा दिया गया था। )
  • She’s my first cousin once removed. ( वह मेरी पहली चचेरी बहन है जिसे एक बार हटा दिया गया था। )

More Sentence

  • She spent the summer of 1751 with the son of her first cousin and his wife.#!
  • Table 2 shows the frequency of different types of first cousin marriages.
  • The rate of second cousin marriage was very low, and so also were those of first cousin once removed and more distant consanguinity.
  • The percentages of third cousin marriages are greater than those of first cousin marriages where the migration rates are low.
  • There was no significant difference in the distribution of first cousin marriage types in the three main population groups.
  • Etymologically, it is first cousin to 'boggle', 'bugbear', 'bugaboo' and 'bug'.
  • Comparison of the frequency of marriage of different degree shows that there are few records of first cousin marriages, and that third cousin marriages are those most often recorded.
  • Richmond Unified turned to certificates of participation, a first cousin of lease-financing, to upgrade the schools.
  • His first cousin, Mariano Rivera, is a Yankee.
  • In 1853 he married his first cousin, Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Wood.
  • She is a first cousin to me.
  • Can a first cousin at one remove inherit the property?
  • Across the way their widowed first cousin lived in a yellow house.
  • He was my first cousin and a very close friend from childhood.
  • The police are like a first cousin of our society.
  • This is not a first cousin to his crisis; it is the same crisis.
  • The second reason is that we disapprove fundamentally of a policy which appears to be first cousin to nationalisation of the land.
  • In such a case the child might be placed with a family or other suitable person, which could include a first cousin.
  • They should question the received wisdom that their children should be perfectly happy marrying a first cousin from a tiny village in a rural area.
  • Ktesibios’s invention is first cousin to that all – American 20 th – century fixture, the flush toilet.
  • He must be your first cousin, if your fathers were brothers.
  • Charles Darwin married his first cousin.
  • The most spectacular proof was my mother first cousin Edwin.
  • In 1840, she married her first cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
  • The renegade is the first cousin to a rattlesnake.
  • Albert Einstein’s second wife Elsa was his first cousin.