fantastic - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of fantastic in Hindi

  • शानदार


  • विलक्षण
  • ऊटपटांग
  • तरंगी
  • झक्की
  • भद्दा


  • विलक्षणता
  • अपरूप
  • अतिकाल्पनिक
  • कल्पना-प्रवाह
  • असामान्य

fantastic Definition


  • extraordinarily good or attractive.
  • extraordinarily good or attractive.

fantastic Example

  • your support has been fantastic ( आपका समर्थन शानदार रहा है ) 
  • novels are capable of mixing fanta stic and realistic elements ( उपन्यास शानदार और यथार्थवादी तत्वों को मिलाने में सक्षम हैं )
  • she had spent a fantastic amount of cash ( उसने बड़ी मात्रा में नकद खर्च किया था )
  • The buildings were usually battlemented in fantastic form. ( इमारतों को आमतौर पर शानदार रूप में युद्ध किया गया था। )

More Sentence

  • The Franciscans began to urge fantastic' objections, and, when Savonarola insisted that his champion should bear the host, they cried out against the sacrilege of exposing the Redeemer's body to the flames.
  • The architecture was fantastic, but not near as exciting as the ride on a ferry.
  • The women's heads are shaved entirely and the men's into fantastic patterns.
  • Fantastic photographs contain the unexpected.
  • What was going on behind those fantastic eyes, she couldn't say, but Pete's jaw must have dropped a mile.
  • Today, the day is fantastic.
  • It sounded a fantastic story.
  • That was a fantastic moment!.
  • "He's going to be fantastic for us.
  • It's difficult to see fantastic in a sentence .
  • "I think we're in a fantastic position.
  • "It's a fantastic commentary on our collection.
  • He was the story of the game . . . fantastic,
  • To see another one go in shortly after that was fantastic.
  • I think the way the syndicate has come together is fantastic,
  • You have unique and fantastic.
  • This was truly fantastic, miss.
  • This is a fantastic find!’’.
  • Thorn said you were fantastic.
  • On the eastern side are numerous sand hills, formed by the wind into innumerable fantastic shapes, sometimes covered with stunted trees and scanty vegetation, but usually bare and rising to heights of from 150 to 250 ft.
  • Many of the mountains are of weird and fantastic shape.
  • Many of the emendations suggested are more fantastic than felicitous.
  • The interior of Cutch is studded with hills of considerable elevation, and a range of mountains runs through it from east to west, many of them of the most fantastic shapes, with large isolated masses of rock scattered in all directions.
  • visions of a fantastic, maze-like building
  • they did a fantastic job
  • fantastic hybrid creatures