dinghy - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dinghy in Hindi

  • डोंगी


  • कश्ती
  • डोंगी
  • छोटी नाव
  • डिंगी
  • जहाज़ की छोटी नाव
  • आमोद-प्रमोद के लिए छोटी नौका
  • वाययुयान की फुलाने योग्‍य रबड़ की छोटी नाव

dinghy Definition


  • a small boat for recreation or racing, especially an open boat with a mast and sails.

dinghy Example

  • Once when they tried to frighten it off, it seized the drogue rope and gave the dinghy a spin.  ( एक बार जब उन्होंने उसे डराने की कोशिश की, तो उसने ड्रग की रस्सी को पकड़ लिया और डोंगी को घुमा दिया। )
  • A sailor was left fuming after thieves stole the inflatable dinghy he had used to get from his boat to shore.  ( चोरों द्वारा नाव से किनारे तक लाने के लिए इस्तेमाल की जाने वाली inflatable डिंगी को चुरा लेने के बाद एक नाविक को गुस्सा आ गया था। )
  • Meanwhile, two young boys, aged 8 and 13, had a lucky escape yesterday afternoon when they were carried out to sea on an inflatable dinghy.  ( इस बीच, 8 और 13 वर्ष की आयु के दो युवा लड़के कल दोपहर भाग निकले, जब उन्हें एक inflatable डिंगी पर समुद्र में ले जाया गया। )
  • Let’s stay close together, and head straight to the dinghy. ( चलो एक साथ पास रहें, और सीधे डोंगी की ओर चलें। )

More Sentence

  • I saw the bottom of his dinghy, moored a few feet above his head.
  • Sterling pulled on the line, tugging the dinghy back to the barge.
  • The Celestia’s Prize had two air boats and one six foot dinghy.
  • The senior guys floated in the sea in an inflatable rubber dinghy.
  • The dinghy was only a few metres away, still beneath the metal canopy.
  • Soldiers helped scores of people to safer areas in rubber dinghies.
  • Dart catamarans are high-performance sailing dinghies with twin hulls.
  • He is a former world champion in E-class dinghies.
  • All four were aboard the dinghy when the speedboat hit it.
  • A sport unique to Bermuda is racing the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy.
  • Not all hulls are decked ( for instance a dinghy ).
  • It's difficult to see dinghy in a sentence .
  • Raising the dinghy centreboard can reduce heeling by allowing more leeway.
  • Conventionally, a dinghy will have an oar on each side.
  • Bolton SC provides extensive racing across a range of dinghy classes.
  • Several other racing dinghy classes have adopted a similar equalisation systems.
  • The club also hosts countless dinghy and keelboat regattas each season.
  • Righting a turtled dinghy is one of the most difficult maneuvers.
  • Somehow she had tugged all of us out of the dinghy and onto her craft.
  • Deal with them with conical plugs that you will find in the dinghy kit.
  • In his haste of the preceding day, he had neglected to moor the dinghy.
  • We anchor alone in the lee of the cay, pile into the inflatable dinghy, don our masks and fins, and spend the next hour swimming with dolphins.  
  • The La Malouine was nearest and proceeded to attempt to pick up the crew that by this time were in their rubber dinghy.  
  • The access dinghy he uses to sail is controlled by a hand operated joystick, allowing him a freedom of movement he lacks on land.  
  • So why would any person in their right mind nail their colours to the mast of a leaky dinghy rather than a majestic tall ship?  
  • Some other members were on hand to demonstrate how to rig the sails on a sailing dinghy and show the layout of a boat to the trainees.  
  • Fitz smiled at this, remembering his own boyhood dreams as he'd sailed a small dinghy and thought of bigger boats.  
  • We haul our camera and camping gear, all 600 pounds of it, onto a tiny rubber dinghy and putter out to his boat.
  • One of the airmen landed in the river still in his ejector seat but was able to deploy his dinghy, while the other drifted off downriver.