despondency - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of despondency in Hindi

  • निराशा
  • मायूसी
  • बेदिली
  • उदासी
  • विषाद

despondency Definition


  • a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage.

despondency Example

  • He hinted at his own deep despondency  ( उन्होंने अपनी गहरी निराशा का संकेत दिया )
  • When my husband died, I lived in a state of despondency for over a year.  ( जब मेरे पति की मृत्यु हुई, तो मैं एक वर्ष से अधिक समय तक निराशा की स्थिति में रही। )
  • Exercise is a great way to fight despondency because working out tends to brighten a person's spirits.  ( व्यायाम निराशा से लड़ने का एक शानदार तरीका है क्योंकि कसरत करने से व्यक्ति की आत्मा में चमक आती है। )
  • Although his despondency made him wish for death, he hesitated to take his life. ( हालाँकि उसकी निराशा ने उसे मृत्यु की इच्छा दी, लेकिन वह अपनी जान लेने से हिचकिचा रहा था। )

More Sentence

  • Hope for men was his natural air; despondency the element of his own self-created folly.
  • There is, too, an air of despondency and alarm about this figure to-day new to it.
  • Impotent wrath, overwhelming despondency took hold of our souls, at once humiliated and revolted.
  • In the moment of recognition all the despondency had vanished so utterly that it had not left even a memory.
  • But in his eyes there was a look of unrest and despondency that scarcely fitted a messenger of glad tidings.
  • In his weakness and despondency it seemed inwrought with every fibre of his being, and an essential part of himself.
  • But admiration of him sank into despondency at his assumption, and his sarcastic assaults on things most holy.
  • The sight of such an irremediable calamity as this renewed for a time the despondency which he had felt at the first sinking of the boat.
  • Depression is only a byproduct of other events that cause despondency.
  • I try to live within that line between despondency and hope.
  • Not everyone can feel refreshed from their despondency by going to church.
  • It all plunged the president into a despondency that was almost paralyzing.
  • Of love, springing from pain and despondency, agony and death?
  • Afflicted with alcoholism and suffering from despondency, Ivanov sank ever lower.
  • It is not a momentary despondency but rather a state of being.
  • There was such a cold, leaden despondency burdening his heart that he felt that he must have relief of some kind.
  • After a week of silent despondency the father roused himself to some extent from the lethargy into which he had fallen, and returned to his trail.
  • There is a hopeless despondency abroad in all the air, in which the summer medleys of the birds taunt us with their memories.
  • When he heard the sad news he sank into a fit of profound despondency and grief, from which he did not soon recover.
  • Although Gil was sentenced to life in prison, he refused to fall into despondency and focused on filing his appeal.  
  • John collapsed in despondency when he learned of his wife’s death.