crisis - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of crisis in Hindi

  • संकट
  • संकटकाल

crisis Definition

  • a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. ( तीव्र कठिनाई, परेशानी या खतरे का समय। )

crisis Example

  • The derivatives market doubled in size in the four years after the crisis that exposed its dangers. ( संकट के चार साल बाद डेरिवेटिव बाजार आकार में दोगुना हो गया जिसने इसके खतरों को उजागर किया। )
  • the country faces an energy crisis ( देश एक ऊर्जा संकट का सामना कर रहा है )
  • the monarchy was in crisis ( राजतंत्र संकट में था )
  • we've reached crisis point ( हम संकट के बिंदु पर पहुंच गए हैं )
  • By 1595, a crisis point had been reached and the so-called Nine Years War was under way. ( 1595 तक, एक संकट बिंदु तक पहुंच गया था और तथाकथित नौ साल का युद्ध चल रहा था। )
  • he's having a mid-life crisis ( वह एक मध्य जीवन संकट है )

More Sentence

  • The economic crisis and poor law enforcement are the two main obstacles in his path.
  • she's having a crisis of faith
  • The breach in the Left already opened up by the war in Kosovo reached a crisis .
  • They concluded that China wouldn't take advantage of the global crisis situation.
  • You might be able to treat your pain crisis at home with medicines that you take by mouth.
  • They are alone, or only with other children, on most of the occasions when a crisis occurs.
  • This is on top of an economic crisis that cut the value of the lira in half against the dollar.
  • The decision expresses differences and conflicts that have reached a crisis point.
  • I also have a good job and salary, which is enough to feed an entire family during the economic crisis .
  • All of a sudden, Australia are being forced to face up to a crisis situation.
  • a crisis of semiliteracy among high school graduates
  • the fever reached its crisis
  • the current economic crisis
  • Generally the more extreme the economic crisis , the larger the war tends to be.
  • The truth is that it was Byrom who rescued the ticketing process from a crisis situation.
  • This never rose sufficiently to do more than postpone a new phase of intense economic crisis .
  • The polarization crisis is more intense within countries and cities than between them.
  • The lack of parking policy for residents, workers and visitors is now reaching crisis point.
  • No one had the nous or the nerve to shout up earlier, before crisis point was reached.
  • a family in crisis
  • the situation has reached crisis point
  • And if he goes on long enough there is bound to be an economic crisis which will undermine the Chancellor.
  • The new way of doing things has roots not in politics but in the economic crisis itself.
  • Windass was close to joining the League Two club at the time when City's situation had reached crisis point.