contribution - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of contribution in Hindi

  • योगदान
  • अंशदान
  • चंदा
  • अभिदान
  • चन्दा

contribution Definition


  • a gift or payment to a common fund or collection.

contribution Example

  • he made a lasting contribution by designing the modern radio telescope ( उन्होंने आधुनिक रेडियो दूरबीन को डिजाइन करके एक स्थायी योगदान दिया )
  • And the chief contribution of Aristotle to theism is a theory, found in his Physics as well as his Metaphysics, of God as first mover of the universe, himself unmoved. ( और आस्तिकता के लिए अरस्तू का मुख्य योगदान एक सिद्धांत है, जो उनके भौतिकी के साथ-साथ उनके तत्वमीमांसा में पाया जाता है, भगवान के रूप में ब्रह्मांड के पहले प्रेरक के रूप में, स्वयं अडिग। )
  • Her contribution to the discussion was substantial. ( चर्चा में उनका योगदान महत्वपूर्ण था। )
  • Most art forms require a contribution from the observer. ( अधिकांश कला रूपों में पर्यवेक्षक के योगदान की आवश्यकता होती है। )  

More Sentence

  • Its interest lies, not in its doctrines, which have often been absurdly over-estimated (particularly among Christians), but in its contribution to the study of human thought.
  • We made a contribution to the famine relief fund.
  • If they make big contributions, they could be in trouble.
  • VIOLATION : Campaign contribution money laundering and filing false campaign statements.
  • It's difficult to see contribution in a sentence .
  • He picked up 531 contributions, or $ 885, 919.
  • Schager has just cause to be pleased with his personal contributions.
  • We are now highlighting the problems and contributions of older women.
  • Detlef Schrempf's third-period contributions were also significant.
  • This is Chekhov's contribution to Russian literature.
  • Her contribution was of immeasurable importance.
  • This is a significant contribution to knowledge.
  • His first plan was to continue the work, already initiated by his predecessor Tourny, of making a fresh survey of the land (cadastre), in order to arrive at a juster assessment of the taille; he also obtained a large reduction in the contribution of the province.
  • Whatever the ostensible form of a railway tariff, the contribution of the different shipments of freight to these general expenses is determined on the principle of charging what the traffic will bear.
  • This invention made a major contribution to road safety.
  • Her contribution to the research went largely unacknowledged.
  • The employee's contribution is 5% of pensionable salary.
  • With your contribution, that makes a total of £45.
  • We like to think that we are making a positive contribution to society.
  • Two years later this was followed by a second contribution from him on the same subject, and of this only an extract appeared in the official organ of the Academy (ut supra, xvi.
  • It is interesting, however, to know, that in the first volume is a review by Gibbon of Lord Lyttelton's History of Henry II., and that the second volume contains a contribution by Hume on Walpole's Historic Doubts.
  • Check my contribution to see all my changes and discuss them with me if i did something wrong.
  • The Danish mission in Greenland has a yearly grant of £ 2000 from the trading revenue of the colony, besides a contribution of £880 from the state.
  • The soon to be married couple asked for friends and loved ones to make a contribution to their honeymoon fund in lieu of gifts.  
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were a huge contribution to the study of flight and aided the Wright Brothers in crafting the first successful airplane.  
  • Freud’s major contribution to psychology was completely explaining the intricate workings of the human through the id, ego, and superego.
  • The next notable contribution to the permanent growth of Hebrew prophetic religion was made about a century after the lifetime of Isaiah by Jeremiah and Ezekiel.
  • We may also mention Schloss's Methods of Industrial Remuneration, a most important contribution to the study of the wages question; C. F.