clothe - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of clothe in Hindi

  • कपड़े
  • उढ़ाना
  • कपड़े पहनाना
  • ढकना
  • कपड़े देना
  • कपड़े पहनना
  • ढांकना

clothe Definition


  • put clothes on (oneself or someone); dress.

clothe Example

  • they already had eight children to feed and clothe ( उनके पास पहले से ही आठ बच्चों को खिलाने और चोदने के लिए था )
  • The queen like to clothe herself in silken garments, and to wear ornaments of gold. ( रानी खुद को रेशमी कपड़ों में जकड़ना और सोने के गहने पहनना पसंद करती है। )
  • Clothe the bad law in nice language and people will accept it. ( खराब कानून को अच्छी भाषा में समझें और लोग इसे स्वीकार करेंगे। )
  • You might want to clothe your little girl in cute dresses. ( आप अपनी छोटी लड़की को प्यारे कपड़े पहना सकते हैं। )
  • Was Dauger James de la Clothe? ( क्या डोगर जेम्स डे ला क्लॉथ था? )
  • Various species of nutritious grasses cover much of the plains and foothills, and even clothe the apparently barren mountain peaks. ( पौष्टिक घास की विभिन्न प्रजातियाँ मैदानों और तलहटी के बहुत हिस्से को कवर करती हैं, और यहां तक ​​कि जाहिरा तौर पर बंजर पर्वत चोटियों को भी रोकती हैं। )

More Sentence 

  • The rugged beauty of the south-running valleys, and especially of Dovedale, is enhanced by the rich woods which still clothe the slopes.
  • The most circumstantial tales are told of imaginary figures, and the most incredible details clothe the lives of the historical heroes of the past.
  • Gymboree clothing outlets offer parents a great way to clothe their kids in trendy styles without breaking the bank.
  • You won't just be keeping your own child warm when you choose what to clothe him or her in.
  • We are ever-vigilant as we feed them, clothe them, and take them to school and other places each day.
  • Historical criticism does not touch the reality of the ideas, and since they may be as worthy of study as the apparent facts they clothe, they thus indirectly contribute to the history of their period.
  • Put them in to poor accommodation and gave them a miserable pittance to try and feed and clothe themselves.
  • clothe the lower slopes, while glorious medieval villages sit snugly above.
  • She has to work hard to feed and clothe her family.
  • They clothe their children in the latest fashions.
  • Seen from a distance, the beeches clothe the hanger like a thick pelt.
  • It’s better to feed and clothe and house the masses than to let them rot.
  • She was on her own with two kids to feed and clothe.
  • White men no sweat pure, too many clothe.