airliner - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of airliner in Hindi

  • विमान
  • बड़ा विमान
  • बड़ा यात्री विमान

airliner Definition

  • a large passenger aircraft. ( एक बड़ा यात्री विमान। )

airliner Example

  • It seemed like a dream that I would soon be flying on a fantastic airliner . ( यह एक सपने जैसा लग रहा था कि मैं जल्द ही एक शानदार विमान पर उड़ान भरूंगा। )
  • It was several years before I flew again and then on a commercial airliner . ( कई साल पहले मैंने फिर से उड़ान भरी थी और फिर एक वाणिज्यिक एयरलाइनर पर। )
  • On 23 June, the restored airliner was rolled out to an admiring crowd of spectators. ( 23 जून को, बहाल किए गए एयरलाइनर को दर्शकों की भीड़ को निहारने के लिए उतारा गया। )
  • Both airlines had large route structures where a pressurized airliner could be fully utilized. ( दोनों एयरलाइनों में बड़े मार्ग संरचनाएं थीं जहां एक दबाव वाले विमान का पूरी तरह से उपयोग किया जा सकता था। )

More Sentence

  • Image getting weighed in public in today's environment before boarding an airliner .
  • A few hours later a passenger airliner takes off from Mexico City bound for Houston.
  • Boeing's press release stated that it took six million square feet of blueprints to build the airliner .
  • Rescue boats were at the scene in minutes and managed to attach tow lines to the airliner and move it closer to shore.
  • It will be fitted with a fly-by-wire flight control system developed for the Airbus range of civil airliners .
  • Four of these machines were built and had a long and useful life hauling large components for Airbus airliners .
  • It covers most major airliners in service today and lists future projects under development at Airbus and Boeing.
  • This was the end for piston engine airliners , as the new jets soon dominated the commercial airline industry.
  • The team ensured that civilian airliners and local mustering aircraft were kept out of the way of the fast jets.
  • In the Clipper era, there were no cramped or massed rows of seats so common aboard today's jet airliners 
  • You have just as much right to operate there as the big airliners do.
  • Converting the military transport to airliners was not an easy undertaking.
  • The tops of the storms were above 50,000 feet, and even the airliners wouldn't be able to get above them.
  • Finally, the authors misuse the air-space analogy in their discussion of the treatment of airliners .
  • They should worry about the public flying on commercial airliners out of these commercial airports.
  • We know that you served as an Air Force Academy liaison officer when you weren't flying airliners .