acclaim - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of acclaim in Hindi

  • प्रशंसा
  • जयकार
  • जय-जयकार करना
  • वाह-वाह करना
  • स्वागत करना
  • स्तुति करना

acclaim Definition


  • enthusiastic and public praise. ( उत्साही और सार्वजनिक प्रशंसा )


  • praise enthusiastically and publicly. ( उत्साहपूर्वक और सार्वजनिक रूप से प्रशंसा करें। )

acclaim Example

  • Besides being a phenomenal success that set the cash registers ringing, it won critical acclaim too. ( एक अभूतपूर्व सफलता के अलावा जिसने कैश रजिस्टर को बजाने के लिए सेट किया, उसने महत्वपूर्ण प्रशंसा भी हासिल की। )
  • They may even benefit, if, in this secular society, the offer of public acclaim succeeds in stimulating the mean to give. ( वे भी लाभान्वित हो सकते हैं, यदि, इस धर्मनिरपेक्ष समाज में, जनता की प्रशंसा का प्रस्ताव देने के साधन को उत्तेजित करने में सफल होता है। )
  • The movie has won critical acclaim and tasted commercial success in the West. ( फिल्म ने पश्चिम में महत्वपूर्ण प्रशंसा हासिल की और व्यावसायिक सफलता का स्वाद चखा। )

More Sentence

  • Barbarian Invasions has won plaudits and critical acclaim in Canada and elsewhere.
  • The movie had won critical acclaim and is actually one of the few hits that Bollywood turned out this year so far.
  • The service comes six months after the fountain was opened to massive public acclaim .
  • she has won acclaim for her commitment to democracy
  • Chicago has already won critical acclaim and attracted big box office takings in London and the United States.
  • The film, which will be released in the UK later this year, has already won considerable acclaim in the US.
  • Their debut album has sold over a million copies worldwide since its release in February and has won critical acclaim .
  • Their performances would merit public acclaim in any of the worlds great stages or theatres.
  • She has also won acclaim as a short story writer, with one of her collections being aired on TV as a prime time serial.
  • The novel won her international acclaim , earning her a Whitbread nomination.
  • He has achieved it without sponsorship, riches or public acclaim .
  • But how to convince those who regard it as an ugly and brutal activity that it merits wider public acclaim ?
  • He starred in the first festival in 1995, helping to win it national acclaim .
  • Since then he has won much acclaim and has had many public commissions, often on a large scale.
  • Remember, Newry did pride itself for its flower displays before and won widespread acclaim for it.
  • All his novels are written in French, and they have received great acclaim there, winning the country's top prizes.
  • It's made more money and won more universal acclaim than any film for decades, but never has there been a trilogy of such proportions.
  • A North Yorkshire organization which helps to steer young offenders away from a life of crime has won national acclaim .
  • His work is widely acclaimed and was recognized by Sir Isaac Newton as a front-runner to his own theories.
  • Last year, it was critically acclaimed as one of the best calypso shows staged.
  • In our sixth annual awards, the Doors team acclaims the people and events that are revving up the next digital revolution
  • TWO acclaimed pieces of drama are set to treat Malvern audiences to a couple of top-class nights out.
  • YORK acclaims itself as a cycling city, and perhaps it is, if you can survive the pot holes, hazardous junctions and bike-blind drivers.
  • Although her films have been critically acclaimed , they haven't been so successful at the box office.
  • For decades it has been acclaimed as pop music's lost masterpiece, the holy grail of rock and the best album never made.
  • France acclaims the diplomatic efforts of Britain and the United States, which allowed this result to be achieved.
  • He was cheered to the echo and, a trifle remarkably, joyously, and continually, waved to the thousands who were acclaiming him.