absurd - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of absurd in Hindi

  • बेतुका
  • असंगत
  • विवेकहीन
  • विवेकशून्य
  • हास्यास्पद
  • मूर्खतापूर्ण

absurd Definition

(of an idea or suggestion) wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate. ( (एक विचार या सुझाव) बेतहाशा अनुचित, अतार्किक, या अनुचित। )

absurd Example

  • Such an absurd mindset, unfortunately, results in bizarre human behavior. ( इस तरह की बेतुकी मानसिकता, दुर्भाग्य से, विचित्र मानवीय व्यवहार का परिणाम है। )
  • The humorously absurd mood is set up from the start. ( हास्य से बेतुका मूड शुरू से ही सेट है। )

More Sentence

  • What made him think of such an outrageously absurd idea I can't say for sure.
  • ‘It's an absurd nonsense that Parliament should not sit for two and a half months,’ he says.
  • It's an absurd ritual, and funny, yet his little trek affords a lovely view and brings him into contact with fellow passers-by.
  • All of Cohen's characters are absurd , and they push people towards extremes on a regular basis.
  • He plays the part of the semi-moronic, innocently brutal Quentin with as much conviction as one can muster for such an absurd character.
  • However, it is absurd to place primary blame on the players for this situation.
  • And perhaps this is the source of the problem - for however correct or absurd Charles' comments are, he is really not the man to be making them.
  • Not surprisingly, there are laughs to be had; wrestlers are, of course, innately absurd figures.
  • She had to fight to keep from laughing at his absurd behavior.
  • And on that note, the whole thing about chocolate being good for you is equally absurd .
  • Stupid people will still take this post as absurd arrogance on my part.
  • That is the sort of absurd nonsense that has been driving the other side of the debate.
  • What could have induced such absurd behaviour?
  • The likes of me have given up having opinions about the monarchy: cruel to knock them, when everyone knows they're absurd .
  • These notions, as absurd and preposterous as they might seem to us, were taken as gospel truth by millions of pious Christians.
  • It's a good example of how absurd people can look when they try to appropriate to themselves a title they have no claim to.
  • In my endless pursuit of funny stories about Eskimo words for snow, I've found friends who will send me absurd comics about it, too.
  • Their absurd behavior as self-proclaimed reformists is typical of old style vicious politics.
  • The level of outrage is absurd : it's front page news and questions have been asked in Parliament.
  • I gave her another shut your face look, muttered, ‘You're absurd ,’ and left.
  • Running is an absurd sport, for absurd people.
  • Charles' fears have rightly been ridiculed as absurd , but he is not alone in expressing such concerns.
  • ‘Log’ is a pointless, absurd song, which makes me cry almost every time I hear it.
  • The embodiment of this absurd student reaction can be seen in the instances where students threatened legal action if their exams were not marked on time.
  • A bizarre, incredibly absurd play which I think failed to hit the mark.
  • The reason I was attracted to it in the first place is because people are absurd .
  • Does it ever occur to people how absurd they sound as they debate the finer Zen philosophy of Super Mario Brothers?
  • In my view, his evidence is patently absurd , unreasonable, and not remotely believable.