aboriginal - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of aboriginal in Hindi

  • आदिवासी
  • आदिम
  • मुल
  • वनवासी
  • मूल निवासी

aboriginal Definition

  • (of human races, animals, and plants) inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous. ((मानव जातियों, जानवरों और पौधों) का निवास या कालोनियों के आगमन से पहले या पहले से किसी भूमि में बसा हुआ; स्वदेशी।)
  • an aboriginal inhabitant of a place. (किसी स्थान का आदिवासी।)

aboriginal Example

  • There are seven distinct aboriginal languages, which are grouped into three language families. (सात विशिष्ट आदिवासी भाषाएँ हैं, जिन्हें तीन भाषा परिवारों में बांटा गया है।)
  • The site will be arranged to evoke the lands where the eleven aboriginal nations in Quebec live. (साइट को उन जगहों को खाली करने की व्यवस्था की जाएगी जहां क्यूबेक में ग्यारह आदिवासी देश रहते हैं।)

More Sentences

  • Now, the division needs to bring aboriginal perspectives into the entire curriculum, for all its students.
  • Mr. Wellheiser was adopted by a native Canadian family and has been extensively involved in aboriginal activities.
  • Around the world, 70 percent of uranium deposits are located on aboriginal land.
  • In ancient and aboriginal cultures, dreams were too important to he entrusted to mere dreamers.
  • The shockwaves of that first gunfire are still being felt in aboriginal communities today throughout the country.
  • Handley said aboriginal health is not just a federal matter because a large and growing proportion of natives live off-reserve.
  • The main exception to this has been the relationship between the dominant French-English state and aboriginal peoples.
  • Two weeks ago, accompanying her as she questioned Premier Yu, were a group of activists from different aboriginal tribes.
  • Few of the dramatic postglacial changes in global environment escaped the attention of aboriginal humans.
  • A small remnant of Khoi and San aboriginal populations lives in the extreme northwest.
  • The Maya and Garifuna demonstrate the surviving tribal traits of the aboriginal peoples.
  • The Committee is concerned that aboriginal rights of Native Americans may, in law, be extinguished by Congress.
  • However, I note that a leading Canadian authority on aboriginal title stated that one dimension of it is its inalienability.
  • It still gives the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs authority over aboriginal children's education.
  • In North America alone, there are many aboriginal cultures that no longer know a word of their original languages.
  • As a territory born out of the desire for an aboriginal land claims agreement, we are governed as a public government.
  • As National Aboriginal Day dawns Monday, the statistics for aboriginal youth remain depressing.
  • The Paiwan are surrounded by Han Chinese and other aboriginal groups including Rukai and Puyuma.
  • The aboriginals of Taiwan (the ‘natives' whose ancestors were there before anyone else arrived) number several hundred thousand.
  • As I look around me in Central Australia I see dreadful apathy towards education among Aboriginals .
  • But there's a serious side to her; she laments the fact that she doesn't know as much about Aboriginality as she wants to.
  • In his book A Place for Strangers, Tony Swain argued that Australian Aboriginal peoples did not fit this model.
  • Its postwar collection is solid in nonindigenous Australian art and truly first rate in Aboriginal work.
  • My fourth-graders started by studying the work of the Australian Aboriginal artists.
  • Tasmania has a higher percentage of its population identifying as Aboriginal than any other Australian state.
  • Regulations under the Tribal Reserve Act, originally passed in 1956, allow only aboriginals to enter the tribal lands.
  • Her paintings and drawings offer a glimpse into the world view of an Aboriginal Australian who has emerged with a positive vision of the future for all people.
  • No one ever said that coming to terms with what white Australia did to Aboriginals would be easy.