abeyance - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abeyance in Hindi

  • ठंडे बस्ते
  • ठहराव
  • दुविधा
  • दुविधा या लटकाव
  • निलम्बन

abeyance Definition

  • a state of temporary disuse or suspension. (अस्थायी उपयोग या निलंबन की स्थिति।)
  • not used at all or stopped from being used for a fixed period of time. (कुछ समय के लिए प्रयोग करने से रुका रहना, प्रयोग में नहीं अथवा अप्रयोग; स्थगित; प्रसुप्तावस्था में; प्रास्थगित)

abeyance Example

  • matters were held in abeyance pending further inquiries (मामलों को आगे की जांच में लंबित रखा गया था)
  • We may be living through an era of prosperity and calm in which politics has gone into abeyance - and when a real crisis comes along politics will return in a new form we cannot imagine. (हो सकता है कि हम खुशहाली के दौर से गुज़र रहे हों और शांत हों, जिसमें राजनीति खत्म हो गई हो - और जब राजनीति में वास्तविक संकट आएगा तो हम एक नए रूप में लौटेंगे, जिसकी हम कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते।)
  • As I read on, my doubts, if never resolved, were held in abeyance . (जैसा कि मैंने पढ़ा, मेरी शंका, यदि कभी हल नहीं हुई, तो उसे रोक दिया गया।)

More Sentences

  • A measure that passed Congress and was signed by the executive might still be held in abeyance on constitutional grounds by a court.
  • Manufacture of anti-retrovirals is being held in abeyance pending official government policy on the issue.
  • For the most part, these questions should be held in abeyance until other researchers either validate or disprove the hypothesis outlined in the present study.
  • In Europe atmospheric perspective remained in abeyance for 1,000 years, to be rediscovered by the early 15th-century, Flemish painters.
  • This application is still held in abeyance until the athlete's indebtedness to the club has been cleared.
  • Counsel agreed to hold these actions in abeyance until the question of entitlement is determined by this court.
  • The poetry press I had run for about twenty years was in abeyance but submissions continued to arrive and one day I got this.
  • Although repeated again and again this pledge has fallen into abeyance in the post-colonial era.
  • But since it is rare in any book aimed at children to see a discussion of economics, let alone imperialism and militarism, that criticism might be held in abeyance .
  • Organizational rules sometimes fall into abeyance .
  • The sixteenth-century precedents regarding female rule in England, however, remained in abeyance until Anne's reign.
  • Only your penitent suffering gives us leverage to keep those forces in abeyance .
  • The spokesman confirmed that there was an outstanding planning appeal which at present was held in abeyance .
  • As to whether Nancy Cornelius was America's first Native American trained nurse, a definitive answer remains in abeyance .
  • matters were held in abeyance pending further enquiries
  • The compromise sets aside disputes about sovereignty by putting territorial claims into abeyance for the treaty's duration.
  • The issue of whether or not paranormal beliefs can be verified by scientific, empirical research methods is held in abeyance as a secondary concern.
  • The sad thing now is that railways have fallen into abeyance and the motor car's taken over, despite the great efforts of Fischer and people like that.
  • All property rights in the property to which the order relates lie in abeyance .
  • This meant escalation of the pain that had been held in abeyance .
  • ‘A lot of expansion plans were put in abeyance ,’ he said.
  • However, there were times when East himself was publisher as well as printer, in particular during the periods when the patent was in abeyance .
  • The situation was left with Mr Johnson being advised to contact his solicitor further for advice and being told that Social Services would hold his claim in abeyance .
  • I see that sanity has prevailed and this crazy and unnecessary idea has now been put into abeyance .
  • So I believe that this ancient and storied office is once again abeyant .
  • Where other, more vigorous incentives are abeyant they can be expected to assume increased prominence.
  • In 1986 Her Majesty agreed to comply with the advice proffered to her by the Lords regarding abeyant peerages.